Help with Automatic Certificate Renewal in Zimbra

Hello Best regards to all …

Almost three months ago I installed to test in a production environment of Zimbra (Centos 7 + Zimbra Opensource 8.8.15), I understood that the duration of the certificate was only for 3 months and I received today the notification by email that will expire on July 14 …

I have read many tutorials and threads here about the renovation, but I have several questions and I would like with your help to solve them please

The certificate will renew automatically ???

IN the event that it is not renewed automatically, are there any manuals or steps that I must follow to renew it or install another one?

All this I want to leave it configured before the certificate expires.

Thanks in advance for your help

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That depends entire on how you obtained the last one.
[most ACME clients will setup a scheduled task to auto-renew]

Each ACME client will have specific instructions.
[in general, you would just do what you did to get the last cert… again]

What ACME client did you use?

Have you checked on the Zimbra forums?
This (lack of certificate renewal/simplified integration) has been a known sore-spot for Zimbra and they may have resolved it with their more recent releases/updates.

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Thanks for the answer … I followed a zimbra installation tutorial that brought the steps to configure Letsencrypt … but I don’t know if it will be renewed or not since the tutorial does not mention it …

These are the steps

I do not know if the installation will allow automatic renewal

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If I read that picture correctly, it required to shutdown Zimbra and spin up a temporary server.
I doubt that we be included into any automated script.
So, my guess is NO, that will not renew automatically.

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So there is no way to automatically renew the certificate? do we have to re-generate it ???

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certbot can be scheduled to renew the cert.
The problem is that Zimbra doesn’t use the cert as most web servers do.
It has to be “processed” into Zimbra with their cert manager program.
I’m not sure if that process can be scheduled/scripted.
Again, I would check on the Zimbra forums for the latest on that.

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