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My domain is:

I ran this command: I got a renewal notice, but I have not idea how to renew my cert. Can you help me? Thanks JIm Allison

It produced this output:

My web server is (include version):

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Welcome @jamesallison313

We are going to need more info to give much advice. Anything you can answer in that form is helpful.

My first question is whether you need this site to continue? I ask because when I try getting your home page I instead get an error page saying "Page Not Found"

That is not normally a good sign for an active site.

Please explain more about how you got your certs originally. And, a description of any major changes that may have impacted your cert renewals. I can see from the public cert logs you renewed certs as expected this year but renewals stopped recently. (see log history here)


The first redirect I see this:

Following the redirects I finally get to this:

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Thanks for responding. Here is the history. I set up an Amazon LightSail web server via AWS. I did this to make a site for an iOS app I am planning to get to the Apple Store eventually. In addition to the web page being to support the App, the app lets the user create email postcards featuring relatively high res CC0 public domain images of famous art works. The email postcard uses a link the images stored in one of the WordPress directories in my LightSail account. I think I used some sort of wizard on the AWS console to add https certification to the site. I believe that cert is what is expiring. I am an OK iOS developer, but I am not very knowledgeable about how to set up webs servers with their domain and certs. The reason the page is not showing up is because I deactivated it within WordPress because it is taking longer to work out the subscription functionality on the app than expected and I did not want the web page promising an app that is not yet on the App Store. Have I given you enough to work with? I am happy to do anything on my end to sort this out since I do want the web site running eventually. I wonder if AWS was renewing my site and then decided to stop because the home page was not accessible for some time? thanks. Jim

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No, AWS would not do that. It does not assist in managing any certs except their own.

Now that you say Lightsail, does bitnami or bncert sound familiar? These are often used in Lightsail systems and have Let's Encrypt certificate support.

It's also possible that when you "deactivated" the site the renewals started to fail. A common way to get certs requires a viable web server to respond to specific requests. You could try reactivating the site and just change the page to say "Stay tuned for announcements" or something regarding the status of your app.


Yes Bitnami was involved. I will reactivate and as you say put up a stay tuned sign. Thanks


OK. You can also refer to the below AWS doc page. You must read it very carefully. Certain steps can only be done with certain configs. Hopefully something will sound familiar :slight_smile:


Well, I can not event log into WordPress to reactivate my home page. When I try to use password recovery it fails saying that perhaps email is not set up. Apparently tech help is not available to my Lightsail account. I can get to the other pages of my website such as but I can't seem to get into the wordpress admin mode. I can get to the bitnami console.

Sorry to hear that but sorting out that mess is beyond the scope of this forum. Or, at least this volunteer's scope :upside_down_face:


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