Help missage error in Qnap website

I am trying to obtain an SSL certificate from qnap website. My domain is “”. But once an again it appears this message:
“No se puede autenticar esta dirección de correo y generar un certificado Let´s Encrypt. Especifique una direccion de correo válida y despues descarga un certificado” The english translation is “This e-mail adress cannot be autenthicated and generate a Let´sEncrypt Certificate. Specify a valid e-mail adress and then download a certificate”

The e-mail adress is “”, it is my adress and it is required to automatically renew the certificate.

Can you help me please?

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Hi @jaboton

that’s a function of the qnap website. That website may create and use Letsencrypt certificates.

But that’s possible, everyone can create and use Letsencrypt certificates.

So if your mail address isn’t accepted: You must ask qnap. It’s their Letsencrypt client.

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Thank you very much for the answer. I will ask Qnap

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