Help me i generate standalone certificat but it's not working

help I’ve generate a SSL certificate in standalone mode for my server tomcat7

all seems to work fine except that , I steal get add exception in my browsers and my certificate don’t have the from let’s encrypt organisation .
I have followed the link bellow in my installation process

my server os is ubuntu server 16…4 and

excuse my English i hope you help me

Could you please share the affected domain name, so that everybody can see the issue?

It’s a domain owned by a by an enterprise am just a programmer there i don’t have access to give it to you!
i well be thankful if you could give me some advice please !

thank you

i don’t have access in my

That domain has already been made public in the certificate transparency logs, you’re not exposing any more information by posting it here, but rather are preventing us from providing you effective support. If you’d feel more comfortable, you could provide a link to the certificate you issued (search your domain on - that will give us the information.

My guess is that you obtained a certificate, but did not install it on your webserver.

(Also moved this to help.)

i have install the certificate properly i find out that my tomcat 7 doean’t listen on port 8443 witch i don’t knew haw to make it listen

thank you

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