Help certificate Exchange 2019


I’m installing an on-permise Exchange 2019 CU4 on Windows Server 2019.
I used win-acme.v2.1.4.710.x64.pluggable to create a certificate for all the necessary domain name,,,
It worked because now i have a correct certificate on IIS and correct certificate browsing from web but no certificate on exchange administration to be added as SMTP certificate. To be more clear, in Exchange control panel -> server -> certificate, i don’t see the certificate that win-acme create and i have no idea how to add it and apply it to SMTP traffic.
First noob question:
Are LE certificates suitable for a mail server to work as SMTP, IMAP certificate…? I read on the forum that LE it’s OK for mail server but I see guide and procedure just to add it as IIS certificate.
If this is possible, how to do it?


It’s definitely ok to use it as the connection certificate.

This is the first result in Google when I searched. you can try to follow the below instructions but I’m not responsible for any damage the script, website or anything might cause.

Thank you

I’ve already followed that guide, firts half it’s done, second not.
I don’t understand how to edit and use bat, maybe they’re written for an old exchange and doesn’t work on the last 2019 CU4 ?

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