Have now written a pretty neat PowerDNS client for LetsEncrypt

have now written this PowerDNS client in Perl.

Hope you like it:

This script is a composite script, which can run in two “modes”:
In default, it will run in PowerDNS mode, where it waits for queries and commands from PowerDNS and respond.
To initiate certificate generation - for example from a cron.monthly, supply it with a argument of “1”, like this:
./certbot.pl 1

NOTE: This script will effectively return ALL challenge responses for any DNS query starting on “_acme-challenge.”, for any zone, including any invalid zones, and will have the ACME server choose the right challenge response.

This means this script are not suited for larger setups, as the number of TXT records for each challenge will be equal to the number of domains requested. Only suitable for home setups and smaller single-organization setups, as this script does NOT keep track of which challenge response belong to which domain.


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