Green padlock not shown on BigBlueButton conference system

We have in IAI a Server running BigBlueButton and a server running a Frontend for this BigBlueButton.
Both running nginx.
So the one shows the demo page, the login, perfectly with the green padlock. As soon as I click on the login button I get an error and before I set up https there was no error, but I suppose this has to do with bigbluebutton and not with the Let’sencrypt certificate.
The other one,, works perfectly well through the whole process of creating conferences and everything else, continuously showing the green padlock.
Then again, as soon as a invitation mail for a conference is received and one clicks on the link, one gets to the it works, but does not show the green padlock.
What am I overseeing? Where did I forget a step in configuring or in using the command certonly?

If anyone could show me the right way to get things solved I’ll appreciate it very much.

About a year ago, the API demos were updated to work with HTTPS. How up2date is your BBB?

It looks like your certificates are valid. The most common reason for the padlock going away when certificates are valid is mixed content. After visiting a conference link, open your browser’s developer console to look for any warning messages about mixed content.

If you’d like to create a “throwaway” conference invite to which you could share the link, we might be able to take a look and help debug.

I have here the bbb 1.1 version, so we are up-to-date.
Problem got solved. The programmers of our GUI had to do a lot of updates in the gems and so on…could not do them myself because I have no access to the code…and after this problems THAT is being solved too!

I had no chance of opening a developers console… the programmers who made our GUI are an external enterprise and gave me no access to the code…They solved the problem updating a lot of gems, and they will now give me access so that I can do troubleshooting on my own. They will get the jobs of mayor upgrades, but everything else will rely on me. Problem solved.


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