GoDaddy redirect to IP

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Solution summary:
(Problem description and environment as stated in first post.
The solution was basically to follow Griffin instructions in the simple post I marked as Solution. Further explanation can be found in a later Griffin post above.)

Delete the forwarding in DNS admin page in GoDaddy
Wait some time (I do not know how to check how long is long enough. I waited about 1h 30m.)
Create the A record:

Bottom right (I guess it must read Add in English instead of Agregar).
I could not specify a port number in the A record as I could in the forwarding, but, as you all told me I needed port 80 anyway, I let it be and changed my nginx configuration, adding this server:

    server {
        location / {
            proxy_pass http://localhost:8108;

run certbot --nginx -d
And everything run O.K.

Thank you all.



So glad everything worked out!

Thanks so much for returning to share your results!

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