Getting Let's Encrypt client running on Solaris/SmartOS


We’ve been experimenting quite a bit with SmartOS as an environment for running web services and have had good success. I’m trying now to get our system running under SmartOS (for those unfamiliar, it’s a child of OpenIndiana, itself spawned from OpenSolaris, hence the Solaris reference in the title).

I’ll work to get the stuff I find scripted, but if there’s anyone else out there seeking to help or who has some experience working in this environment with Let’s Encrypt, please chime in, as I’d like to share ideas.


So far, the following are necessary for package loading (assuming Python 2.7):

pkgin update
pkgin install py27-virtualenv
pkgin install py27-pip
pkgin install python-augeas
pkgin install py27-dialog

I’m still seeing problems running due to a path problem locating the augeas library, which appears to be located just where it’s supposed to be (/opt/local/lib).


I am so embarrassed. I hit this problem on omnios/pkgsrc and figured it out, but then I got sidetracked and never wrote down what I did. It’s been too long since and I just can’t remember what magic incantations fixed it. The good news is that it does work once you figure it out. I remember there being a python module dependency that was missing so it wasn’t pulled in, but I believe it was needed for the graphic popup. Again, I don’t remember if that caused the problem we saw or it came later on.


Good to know that you got it going, though!

Upon further investigation, the problem is loading the augeas library right now (at least with 15.1.1). I may continue a little later this morning.

From your notes above, it sounds like it was a missing dependency issue for us under omnios. It looks like the SmartOS problem I’m running into is a bit different, but I’m going to build a new environment and see if it might be a patch-level issue.

More news as it comes. Thanks for the encouraging news!


It seems that python cannot load augeas library in smartos.

I just hard code libs to ‘/opt/local/lib/’ to make letsencrypt works.

At line

change to

libs = ['/opt/local/lib/']

In my machine /root/.local/share/letsencrypt/lib/python2.7/site-packages/

also don’t forget to install pip and virturalenv and augeas first

pkgin -y in py27-pip-1.5.6
easy_install-2.7 virtualenv
pkgin install augeas-1.3.0

Looking forward official solution for this.