Get HTTPS For Free! - Specifying Private Key Variable for Commands

I am fairly new to web developing even though I am an experienced programmer.
I know basic things like Web Hosting, Domains, HTTP and HTTPS.
I tried using the website to Help me. I accessed the SHH and did what I was told. Everything was fine until Step 3. When I typed (copied&pasted) the commands the response was: PRIV_KEY=./account.key: Command not found. Can someone help me? Please?

hi @thetypicalprogrammer

did you read the instructions carefully?

You need to change the PRIV_KEY variable to the location of your private key.

i.e. PRIV_KEY = where your key is.

Then the commands will work

You should be confident with OpenSSL to use GetHTTPSForFree

If you are looking for a slightly simpler client try ZeroSSL which does the key management and CSR generation for you.


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