Generating a new account on really old letsencrypt software?

I am running letsencrypt on ubuntu 16.04.

I’d like to create a new account, which would typically be done with the register subcommand. However, my software doesn’t have a register subcommand. How were users expected to change their account prior to the register command?

Note: I my account information is still stored under /etc/letsencrypt/accounts as expected, with files meta.json, private_key.json, regr.json, etc

Have you considered just upgrading to the latest Certbot? It would be fully compatible with your existing /etc/letsencrypt data, and you wouldn’t be missing out on a bunch of bug fixes.

It is already packaged for Ubuntu 16.04.

You could just move the accounts/<server>/<id> directory and try issue a new certificate, I believe it would register a new account for you, but it is likely to break renewals of existing certificates.

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Yes, we’ve considered upgrading about once a month for the last year. We’ll get there. Right now the general idea is to rewrite the whole thing and change dramatically, once we get some free dev time.

For posterity, we ended up not needing to switch accounts, as we got past our rate limit by clearing up hanging new authz using a script from another thread… Clearing newauthz turns out to be very easy :slight_smile:

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