Generating a new account on really old letsencrypt software?


I am running letsencrypt on ubuntu 16.04.

I’d like to create a new account, which would typically be done with the register subcommand. However, my software doesn’t have a register subcommand. How were users expected to change their account prior to the register command?

Note: I my account information is still stored under /etc/letsencrypt/accounts as expected, with files meta.json, private_key.json, regr.json, etc


Have you considered just upgrading to the latest Certbot? It would be fully compatible with your existing /etc/letsencrypt data, and you wouldn’t be missing out on a bunch of bug fixes.

It is already packaged for Ubuntu 16.04.

You could just move the accounts/<server>/<id> directory and try issue a new certificate, I believe it would register a new account for you, but it is likely to break renewals of existing certificates.