Generate more than 50 certificates per domain

Good afternoon.
Tell me, you can somehow generate more than 50 certificates per
domain. I have 5 domains, On each 350 subdomains. Sites worked. Your
SSL certificates were made, but a few days ago I transferred it to
another server, under the control of the Vesta panel, and all the
certificates disappeared … and to do them again, it’s 2 months …
and the sites do not work normally. Can I somehow remove the
restriction on the creation of SSL? …

Hi @alexsheksna

you should be able to import your old certificates.

Or use a wildcard certificate.

You have several options:

  • you use more than one subdomain in each certificate (up to 100)
  • you use wildcard certificates
  • you only generate 50 certificates per week per domain

If your new certificates are strictly identical to previously issued certificates (i.e. they are technically renewals), they should be exempt from the 50 certificate per week limit.

However, if you have added or removed any domains on those certificates, they will not be treated as renewals, and will therefore be restricted under the 50 certificate per week limit.

I would try making sure that you’re trying to issue certificates which are definitely exactly the same as the 350 you had previously.

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