Freshdesk Certificates and possible conflicts with existing domain certificates

My domain is:

we created a cname entry [] within our DNS Zone which refers to

And now it is planned to secure it with a certificate via Freshworks.

They told us that you are the official certification authority for them. Because of they could not provide the necessary Information they told us to contact you in this case.

We are not sure About the normal processing on your site if a freshworks customer creates additional support Portals with custom Domains based on the same Freshdesk instance ( in our case ). ( New Portal : )

Because of we already have several own certificates for our main Domains like we are not sure what they normally requests on your site and what Impact we have for our main Domains. we just want to clarify before we go ahead and we want to elimanate any Impact to our existing web Domains and possible conflicts with existing certificates.

Maybe there is an Option to clarify this billateral or together with freshworks.

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Hi @deschuett

please start with some basics:

Then check the FAQ:

That’s not possible. Everyone can create and use Letsencrypt certificates. But Letsencrypt isn’t an “official certification authority” for someone. A company may use Letsencrypt certificates. That’s all. It’s the decision of that company, nothing else.


One certificate from that CA, the other certificate from another CA. There is no impact.

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we are not sure if the existing certificate is valid for example * if a new one for could have any impact or on the other side the one for could overrule the other one.

and sorry for the wording just repeat what they are saying. it is a little bit complicated for us from customer site to convey between all the parties.

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Let’s Encrypt is happy for you to get multiple certificates for different subdomains and domains.

(Unless you issue far more certificates than you’re talking about here, and reach the rate limits.)

It’s possible that the software you’re using has bugs or limitations, but you would have to ask Freshworks about that.

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