Fresh install cPanel plugn - Error fetching ssl vhosts: 401 Access Denied


Hi, I just installed a trial of the cpanel plugin and the installation process completed from the command line without any problem. Clicking on the Let’s Encrypt plugin in WHM results in the following error…

Error fetching ssl vhosts: 401 Access Denied

The log file says…

Failed to fetch accounts 401 Access Denied

It’s a Cloudlinux 6 server with CageFS running cPanel/WHM version 56.0.24. I’m also using hosts.allow to lock down access to WHM to certain IP’s but I presume this won’t have any effect on the server itself -so the plugin should work fine.

Any help is appreciated.


Ok, so it was tcp wrappers causing this problem. I was forced to add the server’s IP to a WHM service entry in hosts.allow in order to use the plugin.


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