Fraud getting a cert pulled

I have come across a website that is being used for fraud in that it reports to be a logistic company working out of India.
Basically the are taking advantage of vulnerable people trying to buy prescription drugs at a reduced cost.
First of all, you purchase your items. and you are given a tracking ID for the fake logistic company.
you then receive notification from the fake logistic com saying that the inventory is wrong in that there are not ten items but twenty-five items and you are given the opportunity to purchase at a knockdown price.
rather than have the items sent back thousands of miles to India you buy the items.
you then get a customs notice from the logistic company, you pay.
next day you get a further notification saying the items are on hold as they are coming from a third world country a further 100%
needless to say, the logistic site is a Wordpress site that can be purchased for $45
if you want to find out who owns a certificate and get it pulled how do you do it



Thank your a STAR xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx