Forgot to delete cert after I deleted virtual host

Can you compare the current VirtualHost config files to one from before you deleted that cert.

Does each site have the correct DocumentRoot folder? I know we see the home page but none of the subfolder pages exist.

Does the output of this look right to you?
ls -l /var/www/html/
It should have the subfolders for your other pages

And, when you say "I deleted a virtual host with a website"
How did you delete it? Was it some sort of admin system that somehow affected your other sites?


I would like to say sorry and thanks!

You guys are awesome, thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it, thanks!!!

I changed AllowOverride None to All and now both sides are up again.

I have no idea how it changed from All to None. I am so happy both sides are up again.

Thanks!!! :)))


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