Fix SSL Issue now

Fix the ssl issue I can’t send emails

Hi Jordan,

Who is this directed to?

What “SSL issue”, and why do you think it affects your ability to send emails?

My iPhone keeps saying account errors and says there is an active incident

…and what makes you think those two things are related? Exactly what error message is your iPhone giving?

This is it

Assuming that error message correctly states the problem, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the OCSP issue, or with Let’s Encrypt at all. Your server isn’t using OCSP stapling, which is where that issue arises. Instead, your problem appears to be a network issue between your phone and your server–I’m able to connect securely to that server on port 993 (IMAPs), so it’s up.

What should I do and what does OCSP mean and how do I enable It

Troubleshoot your network issue. The error reported by your phone is that it's unable to connect to your mail server. Other hosts on the Internet (specifically, my VPS in Germany, which is where I ran the test) are able to connect just fine, securely, with a valid certificate, to the port you'd most likely use to check for new mail (port 993, secure IMAP). Therefore, your host is up and accessible. That means that the problem is between your phone (and the Sprint network) and your mail server. It has nothing at all to do with Let's Encrypt or any of their services.

I'd check your mail server documentation for that, but it's hardly necessary.

If you're experiencing a networking issue, enabling or disabling things related to OCSP won't help.

What is OCSP and how do I enable it

You couldn't follow the link in my last post to Google it? Seriously, Google it; that will give you a much better explanation than anything I'd do.

If you don't know what it is, why do you want to enable it? It doesn't have anything to do with the issues you're seeing.

What about my server it’s all fine tho right

How can I make sure this doesn’t happen again?

You'd first need to figure out what is (or was) going wrong, and I doubt anyone here can help you with that. I feel pretty confident in saying that the error your phone was showing couldn't have been caused by anything going on with Let's Encrypt. But beyond that, it's impossible to say. My best guess would be that it was a problem with the Sprint network, which would mean there's no way for you to make sure it doesn't happen again--that network isn't under your control.

What can I do on the server so i can send emails

Why are you guys do maintenance?

The things on Let’s Encrypt’s status page probably have nothing to do with whatever is going on with your phone, email servers, and ISPs.

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I’m not sure how many other ways there are to say this, because it’s been said several times already: Your problems have nothing to do with Let’s Encrypt, with any issues they’re having, or with any maintenance they’re doing. They probably don’t have anything to do with your server either, though that’s harder to be sure of.


Thanks for your help on this thread, everyone. I’m going to go ahead and lock it because I don’t think the OP is going to provide us with enough data to resolve it. OP, please don’t open a new thread unless you provide at least a paragraph of explanation about your problem. Thanks!