First time user - Exchange and reverse proxy (IIS)


i have a Exchange 2019 server on the LAN and a reverse proxy (IIS). Until now, my company was using a wilcard certificare from Certigo.

we're planning to use Let's Encrypt so i've read a lot of documentation and i plan to use win-acme in order to install the new certificate (the wilcard will expire in a month).

Let's say my domain is and my mail server If i install a certificate on my mail server does it mean that i will have to use the same certificate on our web server ( and on my reverse proxy? Or does the certificate will only be valid for and ?

Can i just ask for a different certificate an all my server (web, mail, etc...)? How about the reverse proxy ?



Hi @kalagan and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

It sounds like you need to better understand some basic terms:

But to specifically address your questions:

There is no requirement that they be together (nor separate) - it is your choice.

Also, completely, your choice.

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