Firewall openings for Lets Encrypt

I’m trying to generate certificates for my domain, but just discovered that the company firewall in front blocks requests from outside Norway… yikes :slight_smile:

There are probably some reasons why, and I am not going to fight that battle. However I will have to ask them to kindly open up for LE requests…

So a few easy questions:

  1. Are there any “rules” that can identify a LE request?

  2. Will LE try from a different server, if the first one fails?

Basically Let’s Encrypt tries to authenticate from random IP addresses ( and will even potentially use Tor one day).

If your site can’t be reached from outside Norway, you may be better using the DNS challenge.


Thank you for your answer!

Unfortunately I am to generate an unknown number of certificates for domains that I do not own. Customers will add entries in DNS for subdomains that will point to my server…

Guess I will have fight the firewall admin after all :slight_smile:

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