[Feature Request?] predetermine the acme-challenges on multiple domain certificates

I’d like to better-automate and streamline my use of LetsEncrypt to handle multiple domains certs using the “manual” client.

I’ve written a small webserver in Pyramid that manages the ACME challenge process. nginx points to an inactive port, and when needed I spin up the app. a simple interface lets me create a new “certificate request”, enter the challenges as needed, and tracks progress under a protected /.well-known/admin dashboard; and serves up the acme challenges in /.well-known/admin. great.

The only issue, is that I have to sit there and enter the data line by line. It would be great if the client could share all the challenges that need to be met at once.

the manual client is there so you can build your own automation around it
its never supposed to be an actually manual process by design

if the client dosnt work with your scripting skills try one of the many other clients List of Client Implementations
i personally use https://github.com/lukas2511/letsencrypt.sh
to and use the built in hooks to copy the autenticators to the local copy of the site then to scp all 6 mirrors (as no way to tell which will get the request from boulder)
there is no point putting a human in the middle of the process, it designed so that once your automation is tested/working you can leave it to run as a cron job and forget about it

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