Failure during auto renew

Deleted my comment since you can easily view edit history. :slight_smile:

One note, just because some people believe that relying on obscurity is effective security, your domain name will still appear in the public certificate transparency logs every time you issue a certificate. If you’re relying on this domain not being public, you should reevaluate some design choices.

I realize it’s exceedingly likely that you are not of this mindset, but it’s worth noting just in case.

I still want to post an item about reasons why forum users would benefit by sharing their domain names, but I'm still waiting for a really useful DNS testing tool, as described in the thread

(because I wanted to create a norm that people who won't share their domain names should at least take a set of steps to eliminate likely misconfigurations as the source of their problems—but we might need slightly better tools to hepl people to do that)

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