Expiry notice for russian domain, that's not even registered

I’m getting expiry notices about a domain that is registered to my e-mail address, that I never heard of.
Running whois on the domain does not even has results, so the domain is open for registration and historical data about the domain is not available.

Since my e-mail does contain my name - which in now way sounds russian - I don’t believe in a typo.

I saw other thread about a bug in plesk, which is also not applicable since I never used plesk to issue any certs. The whole thing looks a bit fishy to me and I’m not comfortable with just ignoring/opt-out of the mails.

I would appreciate if some mod/admin could check the internal logs for my e-mail and this domain.

Thank you very much.

Can you share the domain here? It probably expired. Historical whois archives usually cost money to use – though out-of-date “current” whois websites might still have it – but you can search for Let’s Encrypt certificates issued for the domain in the Certificate Transparency logs, e.g. on https://crt.sh/.

Email addresses aren’t verified, so anyone (well, anyone who runs that domain) could have entered your email address without running into any roadblocks.

Unsubscribing would permanently unsubscribe your email address from ALL notifications for ALL certificates for ALL accounts, including your own (if you use Let’s Encrypt).

You’re probably best off just deleting or ignoring the emails. You’ll only get a couple more per certificate; they’ll stop after they expire.

You can also switch your account(s) to a different email address – if your email provider supports it, an alias like you+123@example.com would work – and then unsubscribe the old one.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Since I use LE I really don’t want to unsubscribe from all emails.
A search on crt.sh returns two results. The domain in question is sm-fb.ru.

Still not comfortable with this but I guess I will just ignore the mails…

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