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Hi - I have been asked to create a new website for a pre-existing domain. I've put together a stub website for the domain in question, set up the DNS name changes at the registrar for the new host, etc but the routing is failing as the Lets Encrypt certificate has expired. Can I renew the old certificate and if so, how might I go about that or must I/can I request a new certificate to be issued. The domain in question is pazzazz.me

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Renewing a certificate is the same as getting a new certificate for the same set of domain name(s), technically. So, you may disregard the certificate history of the domain in question, just go ahead getting a certificate for it, practically.


Excellent, thank you for the prompt reply.

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If you plan on using HTTP authentication, then you first need to fix the route (or DNS IP).
If that will break the current production system, then you can't use HTTP authentication.
That leaves two choices:

  • copy the current cert (from production system to your new system)
    and use that until it can be reissued
  • use DNS authentication
    If you have access to the DNS zone, this would be the easiest (for now).
    you could do a one-time manual DNS auth issuance and then switch to HTTP auth once in operation

I took a guess; as I'm not sure what was meant by:


Thanks for the pointer. The old system is actually defunct at the moment and not live so I'm hoping that just re-issuing a new certificate and changing the DNS servers will do the trick.

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