Expediting rate limit increase for calyxpds.com

Hi, I believe a recent rate limit request has been made for calyxpds.com - could that be expedited please? They really needed it two weeks ago. They're contacting me to chase it up, so I think they're some confusion going on and I've explained I don't work for Let's Encrypt. Not sure who normally handles these things at LE.

They basically used to give all their clients a subdomain and their clients all used that in their software configuration, but then they had to stop providing a certificate directly so they recommended all their clients use our Certify The Web app to get their own certs (which I didn't know about until I got lots of urgent support requests from their clients asking me to call them!).

It possibly affects up to 700 subdomains.



This one's definitely yours.


Hi! It was made a week ago and it will likely go out into production early next week. Does that work for the timeline? I can see if we can get it done earlier but it depends on the availability of our team.


Thanks! This is kind of second hand as their support have contacted me but their clients would have started to try to use Let's Encrypt themselves (with this domain) around about 2 weeks ago. I'd guess that most(?) of them have given up and either bought a cert or used a different CA by now - I have no idea how many are waiting.

Their system is used to arrange mortgage loans, and it being unavailable shuts down each brokers office (I believe) if that has any impact on escalation. The majority of the users are fairly non-technical so they are struggling because they've potentially been given advice that they can't reasonably follow (due to the rate limit).

The blame lies with the vendor really but I'm sure they told customers what was going to happen in advance and probably got ignored e.g. don't know, just some IT thing blah blah :slight_smile:


I don't see any rate limit overrides in the change queue for them. I reached out to our comms team for more information.

Edit: It'll be in the queue tomorrow.


Great! Thanks for everyone's help. I'll let them know.


Hey there!

The rate limit overrides should now be applied.


Thanks Amir! Much appreciated, I've passed this on to Calyx so they can keep their customers informed.


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