Exhaustive API's for certificate creation, renewal and revocation

Those are great suggestions, @JuergenAuer!

A few other things that might be relevant for people integrating with Let's Encrypt who might potentially be writing their own ACME client:

① Rate limits (how many certificates you can request in various circumstances, and other limits on use of CA resources)

② ACME protocol updates (especially the "divergences" link, which describes ways that Let's Encrypt's current services don't match the IETF ACME drafts)

③ The "API Announcements" category on this forum: if you subscribe to it, you can be notified of any API changes (such as rate limit changes, new API features, deprecation of functionality, availability of new ACME versions, etc.).

(It's a good idea to subscribe to this if you're hosting any service that integrates with Let's Encrypt, regardless of whether you wrote your own client implementation.)

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