Executing getCertificateChain twice on Acme Protocol

Hello, I ran the command that I made to create a certificate.

Now the problem is that it runs the command twice. And I know the problem is in line 26 because I checked. But I dont know why it is doing this and what is going wrong here. I pasted the link with screenshots of the problem and the extra files I use.

not sure what library you are using. can I get a link?

I think I found: GitHub - SocyList/ACMECert: PHP client library for Let's Encrypt (ACME v2)
which is old fork of
ACMECert/src at master · skoerfgen/ACMECert · GitHub

this looks php and if you just try to use it to get a certificate on webhosting I'd recommend certsage:


Its exactly that library. I am working for the company SocyList that forked it from the link you sent. We do not want to use external library's.

well if that's not external to your company author should be in your company, so he'd be best person to ask this's isn't it?


This is an ACME client coding problem and is not related to Let's Encrypt. Use a PHP debugger to set a breakpoint and step through the code to see what's happening.


It looks like your handle function is called more than once, because the "Initializing ACME v2 environment..." message should only appear once. This means there is more than one instance of ACMECert active.


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