Error with expanding certificate

Hello, I successfully created a certificate using certbot (in manual mode), using the http authentication method. I was able to place the file in the acme-challenge directory, and have it verified. I installed it on my Godaddy cPanel hosting without a problem.

Now, however, I’m trying to expand the certificate to include in addition to
I’m again using manual mode, “certbot certonly --expand -d, --manual.”

Everything runs fine until it asks me to verify the acme-challenge file. It asks me to make sure the file “XYZ,” in the acme-challenge folder, contains the information “XYZ.ABC.” (The real names are long codes, I’m using examples.)
Note, it does not give me a new file or code to verify: It uses the original code I first used to verify the certificate.

After confirming the code matches the one in my acme-challenge folder, I hit “Enter.” Then it says it could not find the file “ABC” in the acme-challenge directory. So it is generating a new set of verification codes, yet somehow not showing me the new information until AFTER it looks for it on my server.

Sorry this is a long winded explanation, I don’t know how else to describe it. It is working fine except, in step 1 it gives me the old, outdated verification file to place on my server. Then after I try to verify it, it says it cannot find a NEW verification file on my site. I was never given this new verification file.

I’m not running a server, just installing my own certificate generated on my home laptop. The site is Thanks for any advice!

Hi @Bman007,

Could you please post the actual messages from Certbot here, including the specific errors? The verification file names and contents are not secret and don’t reveal your private keys.

Since you’re requesting a certificate for two names ( and, the verification process should ultimately give you two validation files.

Depending on the exact error that you see, this could be caused, for example, by a problem where you list AAAA records for your domain in DNS but don’t have IPv6 support properly configured on your web server.

Hello, thanks for the reply! For some reason it seems to have started working… I ran it again to copy the error messages, and this time it gave me two validation files as you said. I didn’t see how to delete my message but whatever the problem was seems to have went away.

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