Error while using specific IP


I am a representative of hosting company, and our clients have problems with certificate issue from network, for example last incident was with and domain (now its work, because certificate was generated with third-arty service). When we try issue certificate from server's IP with panel VestaCP, get error 400.

This is 100% problem with IP, domains pointed correctly, if we change IP for another - certificate installation goes without any problems.

I think there are some sanctions from LE side for this IP or subnet, and i really hope that you can help solve this problem. Otherwise, we need to change addresses on a large number of servers.

Thank you.

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Hi @vshipunov

the exact error message is required.

Letsencrypt doesn't block ip ranges. So it may be

  • a blocked dns (or)
  • a blocking instance in that subnet (or)
  • a buggy configuration (bad name servers etc)

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