Error when creating certificate



Yesterday, I’m approved to the Let’s Encrypt beta and I would like to create some certificate like:

I would like to use these certificates on Windows Servers.
I’ve set up a Ubuntu VM to create te certificates, but I always get the same error: screenshot

The command I sue is the following: ./letsencrypt-auto --agree-dev-preview --server https://URL -d MYDOMAIN.BE -d WWW.MYDOMAIN.BE auth



It’s because the DNS record doesn’t match your server IP. You can extend the command with:

-a manual

It won’t check the DNS then but rather ask you to prove the ownership in other way.



to be exact you get a certain text which you have to put in a file at a certain URL.

I have pretty much the same scenario, but with my raspi doing the LE client.

for exaple it says put the following at

so you have to have an HTTP access to the sites with the domains and put the stuff there.
if you want to create a dot-folder like .well-known just append a dot and it gets taken off so you name it .well-known. and you can make the folder.