Error on certbot Linux (Ubuntu)

ok but it seems that the certbot is working but I still don't understand the error it is giving

try just commenting out the line 17 in that sites enabled file. Looks like now the certbot is working, but apt purge removed the old config files. just remove it from nginx config and set up the cert again as in a new install.

Like this?

Can you explain it to me better? I'm still a newbie

open /etc//nginx/sites-enabled/
there you can comment out (put # in front of it) the line 17 referencing /etc/letsencrypt/...

then you can run nginx -t to see if it's complaining about something else as well. if not, you can run certbot again.

I'll have to configure nginx, right?

I guess you should remove the reference to any existing certs from nginx config and let certbot configure it again. I think you can back up the file and remove https config completely, leave just the plain http version in it. certbot will ask how you’d like to configure your HTTPS settings then. If you have any custom settings in nginx config for the https site, copy them from the backup file afterwards.

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