Error Generar Certificado SSL

Buenas tardes, estoy intentando configurar el certificado SSL Let's Encrypt en mi web dentro de OVH pero me aparece el siguiente error: ¨Se ha producido un error al contratar un certificado SSL. (No attached domain with ssl enabled or no attached domain that redirect on hosting IPs, please use hosting IPs in your domain zone)¨

Por favor ustedes pueden ayudarme a hacer la configuración de este IP para que pueda activar el SSL?

My domain is:

My web server is (include version):

My hosting provider, if applicable, is:

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Your domain has IPv4 and IPv6 addresses:

Addresses:  2001:41d0:301:4::30

The IPv4 address has a URL redirection.
The IPv6 address fails to connect.

LE prefers IPv6 and will not fall back to IPv4.
[which in this case may also fail]

You need to fix the IPv6 problem first.

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