** Error creating new order :: too many certificates (5) already issued for this exact set of domains in the last 168 hours

For one domain: tyreshoponline.co.nz
I get the above message although I am not aware I did try to renew - lately.
Could some spambot doing this?

The domain cert will run out in 2 days and I don't know what to do?
Can I reset the counter?

I use debioan/apache/webmin.
I have lots of other domains where renewal works fine and also this domain renewed fine until now.


Welcome @kiwisigi

Not only did you try to renew you actually issued 5 new certs on Apr24.

No, a spambot could not issue new certs for domains you control.

Also: You have issued numerous certs with those names lately. You should just be using one of those. How did you create them?


Gone wild?


Thanks guys

  • the answer that certs were successfully created gave me a hint.
    There was a permission problem with saving them - and the webmin automatic renewal I guess got us into the new "error" of too many tries - which masked the "real" problem.

thanks a lot for your help
all sorted now.


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