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I am Hassan and i just purchased hosting from As it supports lets encrypt ssl and also is pre installed on the server, i just opened and tried to get ssl certificate but it send me this message below:

I am pretty new into these things so i don’t know much about it. Can someone guide me about it? I shall be really greatful.


Hi @hsnmhmud,

This is a symptom of a hosting provider using an anti-bot system that prevents bots from visiting your site. However, the Let’s Encrypt verification process uses a bot to access a file on your site. Therefore, the verification process can’t complete.

If you didn’t install the anti-bot script yourself, you should ask’s support to look into this problem (since it’s probably a case of a conflict between two different technologies that they’ve set up for their customers).

To elaborate, ifastnet can configure the ngx_http_testcookie module (that causes this issue) to whitelist any Let’s Encrypt validation requests like this:

map $request_uri $testcookie_bypass {
  ~^/\.well-known/acme-challenge/([-_a-zA-Z0-9]+)$ 1;
  default 0;

# ... and in the location block where `testcookie on;`
  testcookie_pass $testcookie_bypass;


Thank you very much for your help. I spoke with the hosting support guy, he told me that My site wasn’t fully active on DNS. Now it is working fine and Got that Small Lock on the URL.


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