Eror after installing SSL


I installed Let’s Encrypt on directadmin in my wordpress site successfully,but I see this eror in Chrome,after installing SSL

“This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources”

How can I fix it?


Without your domain name to check, it’s difficult to be certain.

I assume that you have included scripts from other domains ( perhaps google or others ) and you possibly have a Content-Security-Policy header


Doesn’t matter, active content from non-TLS source when on a TLS-site will always give an error as far as I know.


thanks Andy and Osiris
My website is without content,and this this problem occurred after SSL installation.


You include various scripts and fonts from using http

If you check with it will list the content which you are trying to include over http (rather than https )


thanks so much Andy
I’m amateur,What I must do now for solving problem?is it about my wordpress theme?


I’d start by logging in to your wordpress admin and in the Settings » General change the URL from http to https.

You could also try (I haven’t tested that plugin )


I changed URL from http to https in the Settings » General
but doesnt solve problem
Is it about CSS file?
for example,edit:


Yes, you will need to edit all of those ( or use that plugin which should do that for you )


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