End of support for cerbot renewal on macOS Sierra

Hi there,

i use Certbot on macOS Sierra where that OS is the oldest one still supported (besides the newer High Sierra and Mojava).
Now i’m wondering when support for Sierra will end, i.e. i would have to upgrade that OS to a newer one in order for being able to use Certbot for the certificate renewals.
Is there any time schedule or can someone answer me that question?

Thank you very much.

@joohoi, do you have any idea about our plans about this?


I don’t think we have an offical timelines for this and it’s also dependent on things out of our control - like the Macports as a distribution channel and such.

That said, we are not currently aware of any issues that would make it impossible to run the current version of Certbot in the future either (no API changes in sight). So while it cannot be recommended, you should be able to run the current version of Certbot in the future too even though the support might end.


Thanks for the answer.
Of course i will always try to use the most recent version of Certbot (therefore i also placed the question about the plans of giving up macOS Sierra as a supported OS in the future).
But it’s good to know that (in theory) i can stay at Certbot version (say) 0.35.0 in the future if newer Certbot versions don’t support Sierra anymore and that the certificate renewal will still work with that older version (even unsupported).
That’s what i understood from your answer.

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