Edit letsencrypt.org home page for Beta release?

The current home page announces the December Beta program, but does not seem to give any instructions to the public.

Can someone please edit the home page and add a big link to easy to follow instructions suitable for use with the Beta tools? These should be self-contained instructions that say everything that needs to be said to ensure a good experience for someone wanting to change an existing Linux or Windows website or web page to use the Let’s Encrypt technology to implement HTTPS.

Let’s make this edit to help make Let’s Encrypt successful even from this Beta program.

Are the current instructions for use on Linux and Windows servers the same as given on page https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/beta-program-announcements/1631 ?

For those who reply asking me why I don’t do it myself, the answer is that I don’t feel qualified. I have not been close to the design and development of Let’s Encrypt and I’m not interested in making public mistakes on behalf of this important project.

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