ECDSA - Filled the form but did not get a notification. Please help

I filled out the form for registering to ECDSA but did not get a notification email.

domain is

Should I fill another form or is there a way to verify the status of my form.

Welcome to the Let's Encrypt Community Form @clarabridgeykk

When I filled that out months ago, I didn't get a response for one
domain and the other domain took more than a couple of weeks.

Both of my domains are now ECDSA and issued by E1.
Just some patience is needed. Really the Let's Encrypt staff
is doing a great job.


BTW - Your domain has no A, AAAA, CNAME, nor MX DNS Records.
You can check here


@Bruce5051 Thanks for your reply, There was a typo, domain is


Sorry about the typo.
Yes does have A, AAAA, and MX DNS Records.

And this seems to be the certificate your are currently serving

The ECDSA allowlist is by registration ID, not domain name. If you provided the wrong information, then your request was not implemented and you will need submit the form again.

However, it looks like this submission is correct but only a week old. That data has not been processed for inclusion.


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