Each time I try to copy the _acme-challenge code, I am lost and the procedure quits, now too many attempts

It's an IP for the authoritative nameserver, chloe.ns.cloudflare.com, that was queried. It wasn't part of the answer.


if your webservers is behind cloudflare your certificate just encrypt between backend and CF, webpage visiters will see cf's certificate. you'd better visit cloudflare forum and ask what'd be beset tls config on CF's menu


Ok, not say it cannot, but how are you doing that?
More details would be helpful to me.

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I control the domain "fmkortrijk.be",ast
just not the host "socan.fmkortrijk.be" because I have put this in DNS as a CNAME for kathy.torontocast.com

In Shoutcast, I just need to say where the certificate files are in their configuration files.....
Will this work or not?



Here are the present results for the DNS-01 Challenge for socan.fmkortrijk.be
which requires a TXT record for _acme-challenge.socan.fmkortrijk.be that contains the

More details on the DNS-01 challenge are here Challenge Types - Let's Encrypt


Query results for TXT _acme-challenge.socan.fmkortrijk.be

;; opcode: QUERY, status: NXDOMAIN, id: 36016
;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, AUTHORITY: 1, ADDITIONAL: 0

;_acme-challenge.socan.fmkortrijk.be.	IN	 TXT

fmkortrijk.be.	0	IN	SOA	cloe.ns.cloudflare.com. dns.cloudflare.com. 2303138691 10000 2400 604800 3600

----- Unbound logs -----
Mar 02 02:02:17 unbound[506920:0] notice: init module 0: validator
Mar 02 02:02:17 unbound[506920:0] notice: init module 1: iterator
Mar 02 02:02:17 unbound[506920:0] info: start of service (unbound 1.16.3).
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How does the Certificate for socan.fmkortrijk.be get to the actual server kathy.torontocast.com so the Certificate can be served, via SNI, when a request is made to the domain name socan.fmkortrijk.be?

And where (IP) is the Shoutcast running?


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