Dynamic IP and Synology

I have a domain “example.co.uk” on domains.google.com that I want to point at my Synology Disk Station
I don’t have a static IP address
I have 3 DDNS Providers (Synology, CheckIP, Google)

I am struggling to create a Let’s Encrypt Cert on the Synology I assume because my A record doesn’t point to my home?

I know I cannot create a CNAME record to one of my DDNS for the root domain (example.co.uk) and I don’t want home.example.co.uk as the link as I will run a mail server from Synology that will obviously have mailbox@example.co.uk addresses.

Can I temporally amend/add an A record to point at my external ISP address
Create the Cert then remove the temporary A record
Will the Cert continue to work and renew once I’ve done this?

Any other ideas that will help me???


use the dns challenge :smiley:

Which having a quick google means I’d run this from another device not my Synology box?

So easily said…but I am having a hard time executing the dns challenge :frowning:

are you also trying to do this with Synology?

I am sorry for the sarcasm but…

OK I tweaked DNS setting to have an A record to point at Synology
Punched 80 and 443 through the firewalls
Added the cert and I am all good
Will see what happens in 90 days

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How did you do the a record point to Synology? Did you just literally create an a record and then for value put your snyology DNS?

Just added a ‘A’ record for my domain in DNS entries with my registrar (Google Domains) but most allow you to amend
and also pointed some CNAME records for other domains such as www. mail. etc. for the Subject alternatives in the Cert
also pointed my MX record at the same domain.co.uk that the CNAME is pointing at
So only the A record has the actual IP that might change!

Then on Synology - just used the domain.co.uk, email address and the 3 Subject Alternatives and everything worked :slight_smile:

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