Domain.txt issue when rebooting server

Hi there

im running an koozali sme server 9 . all runs fine with the letsencrypt certificates.
I have a txt file domain.txt where all domains are listed.

My problem is, that everytime when i need reboot the server (for example after serverupdate) the
domain.txt file wil be recreated from an old file and i loose many domains in my actual inserted domain.txt

For example:
The first time i created letsencrypt on my server i putted 10 domains.
in the past month i added 30 domains.
When i open the domain.txt now are 40 domains.

When i make an server reconfigure (restart) and then i open the domain.txt file, it shows only the 10 domains i wrote in that file the first time i created that file.

has somebody an idea what kind of issue it can be?

I don’t have any experience with koozali and I’m afraid changes are not many here have.

Does koozali have a support forum of their own? I think it would be wise to open a thread on koozali’s support too if you haven’t done so already.

I do see a Wiki document related to Let’s Encrypt for SME server:

There, the use of domains.txt is only referenced to in the “Manual Installation of Dehydrated” section. The “Contrib Installation of Dehydrated” uses other commands such as db domains setprop ... et cetera.

Perhaps it’s best not to update domains.txt manually, but use those db domains steps as outlined in the Wiki?

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