Domain Matching error but cert appears correct

My domain is:

I ran this command: (used to check status of site)

It produced this output: Your SSL certificate does not match your domain name! Protected Domains: - (in addition lock does not show up in browser when I visit domain. Plus I get a security warning. “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead”)

Please let me know what my next step is to resolve this error. Thanks!

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When visiting that domain, it's presenting a cert for and * You may have issued a cert for your domain, but you aren't using it (or, perhaps, your DNS records are pointing to the wrong place).

Actually wait a minute it’s, not

I don’t get the pagely error on

Yes, but .io redirects to .com (which is a completely different IP address), which presents the cert for


Holy smokes you are 100% correct! I screwed up my nginx.conf.
Thank you so much I just couldn’t see it!


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