Does the file under /.well-known/acme-challenge/ is always the same name?

Hello, I currently run my website behind Cloudflare. And I have a certificate with LetsEncrypt and then another one from Cloudflare, but I have a little problem, I have 2 main domains: and I’ve setup Firewall rules with Cloudflare to only allow access to if there is a specific cookie on the request.
Because LetsEncrypt doesn’t have the cookie, it fails to renew the domain.
Looking at the blocked logs, LetsEncrypt tried to access to

Is the 943302BEc659Fu6_1a67619F1_wtN030Ve0Y91h2zFpc0 always going to be the same name?

I’m asking this because to set the rule so LetsEncrypt can always renew the domain.

Here’s the link for the question I asked in Cloudflare Community.


The name, and contents, will change with each request.
The only constant is the path.


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