Does Let's Encrypt work with IFTTT?

Currently I’m using Cloudflare SLL and there’s no certificate. I think IFTTT won’t connect to my RSS feed because of that. Will Let’s Encrypt be recognized as valid by all services?

If there’s no certificate, how can you use Cloudflare SSL?

As I understand it, Cloudflare SSL encrypts connections between Cloudflare and the internet, but not necessarily on the other end.

You mention Cloudflare, IFTTT, RSS feeds, and LE in the same problem description.
But you don’t exactly explain how they are used/interact and exactly what is failing.

Or, if your question is just “Will Let’s Encrypt be recognized as valid by all services?”, without concern for any of the aforementioned, then the answer is LE is recognized as a valid certificate authority. How that cert is used by your services and how others may or may not recognize the validity may be more dependent on factors under your control than LE.

Sorry, I wish I could explain the situation a bit better but I’m kind confused as to what’s going on.

I currently have Cloudflare + SLL setup, but when IFTTT tries to access my RSS feed there’s some kind of issue. I’m wondering if it’s worth trying to switch to Let’s Encrypt.

I think IFTTT does some kind of “handshake” with the server to make sure everything is valid, checks the SLL certificate, etc.

Cloudflare SLL shows as not secure in Firefox:

I think that’s why IFTTT doesn’t want to pull from my RSS feed.

I’m wondering if it’s possible that Let’s Encrypt will have a similar issue.

Hi @annbelfort77x,

I think you mean to write “SSL” instead of “SLL”. (The name of SSL also changed to TLS almost 20 years ago, but over 90% of people still write “SSL” because that’s the more familiar term.)

Normally CloudFlare’s certificates are accepted by browsers without any errors, so there’s already something unusual going on here. Would you be willing to tell us your domain name so that we could take a look for ourselves and see what CloudFlare is doing with your site in this case?

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