Does it require internet connection to use it on local server?

let’s say i have set it up on a local server … will devices be able to access the https server without an internet connection?

You are being somewhat vague with your question.

  1. your use of the term “it” leaves much to the imagination:
    Does it require internet connection…
    let’s say I have set it up on a local server …
  2. you don’t explain which client is intended to be used, nor which validation method, etc.

But to answer your question:

That answer would be from basic routing 101 and DNS 101.
Given: LE certs are for DNS names [not IP addresses]

  1. Can the devices resolve the DNS name to an IP?
  2. Can the devices reach that IP?

If the answer to both is “yes”, then yes; you can access the HTTPS server without an Internet connection.

So my first concern is in how would you get a valid cert from LE without an Internet connection…

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i mean after setting it up and trying to visit the domain using any normal device win or whatever in a local network without internet connection .

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