DNS validation of private ip domain

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My domain is: cert.dopark.xyz

I ran this command:

It produced this output:

I'm Do Park and from akamai.

There was a problem while issuing a new certificate for a customer in our portal, and I have a question about it.

The client's domain cannot be made public, so I made a similar situation with my personal domain.

When the private IP of the domain to issue the certificate is resolved,
In letsdebug.net, it is checked as follows.

In our existing process, domain validation information can be checked after Let's Encrypt is verified.
However, in this case, even the verification step of Let's encrypt did not pass by using a private IP.

Currently, public IP cannot be set, but DNS domain can be set.
To proceed with DNS validation like the debug result, how can I check the DNS validation token?


It's not clear to me what your question is.

If you intend to use DNS validation, then the IP address in the A record doesn't matter.

If your ACME client supports DNS-01 challenges, you could request a certificate for any .dopark.xyz domain by fulfilling the challenge: setting up a TXT record with the correct key authorization value.

How exactly you do this, depends on how your ACME integration / ACME client works. We'd need more information about whether you use Certbot or something else to create these certificates.

Thanks for the reply.

Certificate generation is carried out in akamai's Certificate Provisioning System.
Requested to create a new certificate, and the pending status has been confirmed for a long time.

I didn't even get to the steps necessary for verification, such as http token or dns txt recode.
So I checked with the debug link.

I don't think you will get much help debugging DNS validations using Let's Debug.
You should try using the staging environment for actual testing and debugging (not production).

I assume that you'd have to get Akamai's system to do the DNS challenge. Best off asking Akamai about that.

Your nameserver setup seems a bit off:

$ dig +noall +answer dopark.xyz ns
dopark.xyz.             3538    IN      NS      ns52.domaincontrol.com.
dopark.xyz.             3538    IN      NS      ns51.domaincontrol.com.
dopark.xyz.             3538    IN      NS      a18-65.akam.net.

The Akamai nameserver answers with REFUSED for your zone, which suggests that your domain has not been setup on Akamai, or that you're using the wrong Akamai nameservers.

Mixing two GoDaddy nameservers with one Akamai nameserver is unusual as well. I'd guess it was a mistake, but perhaps you could elaborate on how your domain is setup?

Either of these problems could credibly be the reason you can't get a certificate.


Thankss, _az
The akamai name server is what I set up for another test.
So, akamai dns has been deleted.

Now cert.dopark.xyz is all ok in Let's debug.
The status has changed since I haven't done anything.

The customer's domain is still the same status.

Can you explain the policy identified in this message?
I'll check inside Akamai too.

The "forbidden by policy" error is due to Let's Encrypt blacklisting certain high-profile domains as a precaution. Have a read of this post for more information.

What changed is that you selected DNS as the challenge method in Let's Debug. In the test that failed, you selected HTTP. You can see this in the history here.

Well, Akamai won't be able to perform the DNS challenge unless you are using Akamai nameservers.

If you continue to use GoDaddy nameservers, then HTTP is the only choice you have for the challenge. That won't work because of the private IP address.

It would seem that if you want this to work, you need to use Akamai nameservers only for dopark.xyz.


There is also the possibility to CNAME just the challenge record from GD to Akamai (or any other DNS).

That won't affect the "forbidden by policy" error, though—that's enforced based on the subject name in the certificate rather than anything related to the challenge methods.


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