DNS record exists for this domain

My application NodeJS is installed on a Amazon Lightsail server.

I try to install a let’s encrypt certificate on my server with certbot but it failed (I don’t know the reason, the https didn’t work with no errors).
I followed this until the wordpress part (not useful for my case): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWBH9RF363w
I created a DNS zone on Amazon with the DNS TXT record and the keys provided by certbot. My certificate was installed with my domain name.

In the meantime, I modified my configuration of my apache server but it shut down so I decided to restart a new server from a snapchot. I deleted the server where the certificate was initally installed.
I deleted also my dns zone created with certbot on Amazon.

On my new server, I revoke the previous certificate to reinstall it again from the beginning.
But the problem now is I have this error:
“dns problem nxdomain looking up a for - check that a dns record exists for this domain”
when I do this command:
“sudo certbot -d $DOMAIN -d $WILDCARD --manual --preferred-challenges dns certonly”

I don’t have anymore the DNS zone on Amazon with the keys provided by certbot. I also deleted my previous server where my certificate was installed…

Can I solve the problem ? To install a new certificate on my new server with the same domain ?

Thanks for your help

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Have you done this? You need to do this.

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Hi 9peppe, thanks for your reply.
Yes I have DNS text record published
I can connect to my web application with my domain.

How can I use my domain name with HTTPS ? I don’t get something …
Should I record that “google-site-verification=ab7tzSuvp…” in the dns zone of Amazon Lightsail ?

Some update on my problem.
I still my account of Let’s Encrypt in /etc/let’sencrypt.
I have a dns record published for my domain name (see above).
Netvertheless, I revoke my certificate … (so nothing in folders: archive/, live/)

Can I ask for a certificate for the same domain name, again ?

Unless you’ve already reached one of the rate limits, yes.

You shouldn’t go deleting and replacing certificates too often, though.

There’s usually no need to revoke certificates unless the private key has been compromised or you no longer control the domain.

Yes now I realized my mistake … I’m beginner in Let’s encrypt and I’m learning how to use it :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your reply mnordhoff.

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