DNS Propagation

So I switched to a new host (websynthesis.com) from old one and I updated the A record in my 1and1 account. I now see on multiple DNS checker websites that the IP shows up correctly. Only this site, whatsmydns.com is showing up mixed results (some are my old hosts IPs and some show the new one). And these guys, from my new host, won’t install the certificate and insist that they’ll start doing it after whatsmydns.com results show the new IP only. Are they lying to me or that’s how this is done? My site has been offline multiple times during the past three days due to this.

Well, at this moment the results on whatsmydns are giving the same result, so I’d say you’re good to go anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


They shouldn't do this, but if they do, we can't do anything to help you....

That's not normally how you install a certificate.

In the future, try find a provider that has better support and features allow you to install certificate by yourself...

Thank you

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