DNS PROBLEM: NXDOMAIN looking up A for hockeyally.com


Hi, i am installing Lets Encrypt on my DigitalOcean server but this fail came up, how do i fix it?



Hi @plengo,

Have you created DNS records for “www.hockeyally.com”? When I ask “ns1.digitalocean.com” (one of the authoritative nameservers for “hockeyally.com”) I only see an A record for the non-www version:

daniel@xxx:~$ dig +short @ns1.digitalocean.com hockeyally.com

there’s no response for the www version:

daniel@xxx:~$ dig +short @ns1.digitalocean.com www.hockeyally.com


You only have an A record for hockeyally.com, www.hockeyally.com doesn’t exist. Either create it or get a cert for hockeyally.com only.


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