DNS failures (SERVFAIL, timeout) for domains using Network Solutions/Web.com/worldnic.com nameservers

We’ve just confirmed that we are no longer rate limited reaching Web.com’s nameservers. Thanks to them, and many thanks to all of you, for working to resolve this. Please do let us know if you’re still seeing problems.


I spoke too soon, I think were good. Thank you very much!


Thank you! This has helped clear most of our queue of pending renewals!


Sorry for the delayed response @knas
I didn’t have any update on the issue, but as I see from the comments the issue must have been resolved. We will also try ourselves again.

FYI, in case you continue to face any problem and you need a history to refer to, the Network Solutions ticker number I opened is: 19868185

I also wanted to update that I heard back on my Network Solutions ticket. According to support “Our team has whitelisted Let’s Encrypt IPs that were experiencing query rate limiting”.

So far, I have not seen any more failures.


If that’s the case, this might happen again next time Let’s Encrypt adds new IPs. :grimacing:

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We now have a line of communication with them, and hopefully can avoid future problems.


Is anyone else starting to see this again?