DNS delays transfering between hosts

(Using auto ssl on cPanel) When switching name servers for a domain, there’s sometimes a delay when creating the SSL cert, Sometimes it’s near instant.
The error message clearly shows it’s looking for the txt file at the wrong (old) IP address and will correct itself over time, but DNS shows as already updated from proxy points all over the world.
DNS for both the old host and new host is temporally set to five minutes during this process. So … my question is: When auto SSL runs in cPanel, Is the dns failure reported from a LETS ENCRYPT dns lookup or a cPanel lookup?

Hi @Thunk,

This question should be directed to your cPanel hosting provider.

This error message isn’t related to Let’s Encrypt and there’s not anything we can do to help, least of all without knowing your domain names and hosting information.

apologies, whas adjusting the question when your prompt reply came through. This questions is about LETS ENCRYPT mechanics and how the error reporting works. It’s not a complaint or a fault.

cPanel uses a preflight/test request before trying to issue a certificate from the certificate authority (which, by default, is from Sectigo, not from Let’s Encrypt).

If the error is anything like “HTTP DCV: The system queried for a temporary file at …”, then the error is not from the certificate authority, it is from the cPanel preflight.

Let’s Encrypt errors follow this format:

Invalid response from http://example.com/.well-known/acme-challenge/xyxyxyxyxy []: “…”

If you’d like concrete help, please share any one of your domain names and what IP address of your new cPanel server is, or maybe the error message from AutoSSL.

Thats just what I need to know.
While it’s easier providing a domain example in this case my question was not specific to a host or domain. . Most typically if a name is moved at around 15:00 GMT the name is working by 16:00.
From your reply; caching at Sectigo is a probable cause Live proxy servers all show the correct DNS,

Many thanks.

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